Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week of lasts

This week I've been thinking about all of the lasts that I'm experiencing.  I had my last doctor appointment where we went over the last pre-op instructions and tests.  I had my last crazy work out tonight (that I'll be feeling still for the rest of the week).  These next few days are my last opportunities to fix things in my classroom (misunderstandings, behaviors, etc.) and my last time attending committee meetings for a long time.  It's my last chance to accomplish everything on my crazy to-do list.  Thankfully, I only have a few things left that will all come together this weekend, so I'm taking advantage of my last few days to cuddle super close with the girls. I'm letting them climb all over, hugging, kissing, and carrying them anywhere they want.  It kind of makes me think of my dog.  When she had to where a cone on her head, she suddenly started sitting incredibly close to us--like on top of your feet or directly in your lap.  Like she needed to feel as close to us as possible to feel secure with that silly thing on.  That's me with the girls right now--spoiling them like crazy!



  1. I can imagine that all those who have experienced this have had the same thought as you. Enjoy the last week as much as you can. good luck!

  2. Last days to worry about breast cancer...last of the mammograms...last days of second guessing...did I mention last days of worrying? It's a gift...just wrapped in an unusual package.