Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm ready

I finished the last few things on my to-do list.  I left my classroom on Friday all prepped and ready for a great long term sub.  We had an amazing dinner Friday night at the chef's table of Chives.  My bag is packed.  I made protein bars.  The girls have a line up of matched outfits ready and waiting in their closets.  My house has never been cleaner (my pregnant nesting was mild in comparison to this).  Mitch now understands that it's calming to me to do strange things like re-organize the bathroom cupboards or wash every rug in the house and he has stopped questioning it or asking me to stop.  My underarms are smooth from a fresh wax this afternoon.  Which lead me to think of a fantastic business opportunity for someone out there.  I think that doctors and aestheticians should create a partnership and perform complimentary hair removal with every surgery.  Whether it's waxing or permanent laser stuff, it could be performed during the actual surgery.  I mean, my under arms have never been this smooth before, but it really hurt and there's no way I would be willing to do that on a regular basis.  Wouldn't it be so great to wake up after your surgery and they just took care of that for you at a time when you couldn't feel it.  It'd be like a little pain-free bonus for going through the bigger pain in the end.  Just wishful thinking...

My plans for tomorrow include hanging out in PJ's most of the morning with the girls, Church, mailing in the donations to FORCE and Bright Pink, make one more Target trip, and pizza with friends.

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  1. Good luck! I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. You are going to do great!!! Can't wait to hear so keep us posted as soon as you are well enough :o)