Monday, February 27, 2012


We're here and ready...just waiting.  I'm sitting here in my heated hospital gown reading US Weekly.  My gown seriously is heated.  I had no idea things like this existed.  It's like a radiant heat tile floor that I'm wearing.  There is a hose that attaches to it and provides constant warm air.  Every so often it blows up a bit too big like a balloon, but just smoosh it back down and I'm back to liking it.  I already have the dreaded compression things working on my legs. I hated these things when I was in the hospital after having the girls.  However, these are made of a soft fabric instead of plastic that got so sweaty and uncomfortable.  My IV was started already and went in pretty painlessly.  Thanks to my word with friends friends for helping distract me during this wait!  It won't be long before we're heading over to Radiology for the nuclear injection. Mitch will be posting more later.

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  1. You GOT this girl!!! Keep us posted. Prayers being sent. :o)Erin