Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surgery Day

Mitch posted a little yesterday about how the day went.  It started off well like I had posted in the entry called waiting.  But then we were stuck waiting and waiting some more.  I was supposed to have my nuclear injections done at 9:00, but then it turned to 9:30 without anyone moving us down to radiology.  At 9:40 I started getting really nervous and asked the nurse to check on everything.  At 10:00 we were told that some how my orders for the Sentinel Node Biopsy had been cancelled.  They had to contact my doctor and  then they'd get me in as soon as possible.  After another 30 minutes of waiting without an update from the nurses, Mitch started to get pretty mad and asked to talk to the supervisor.  We needed a better explanation as to why it was only 30 minutes before I was schedule to be in surgery and wasn't close to being ready.   The supervisor explained that they didn't have the correct dye agent needed for my injection and they were rushing to get some from Appleton.  While we waited, we looked at lots of houses online and checked out ideas of things to do in Phillips for our vacation this summer.  Finally at 11:30 I had the injections.  It was quite painful, numbing spray really did nothing. This injection was supposed to percolate for 2 hours, but because of the big delay, Dr. Colette chose to start surgery first and then use probes to check during the surgery.  Luckily all of the doctors involved were still available a bit later.  I was finally on the way to surgery at 12:45.  I don't remember a lot from this point on.  I do know that while the anesthesiologist was working Dr. Colette stood by my side held my hand.  Surgery started at 1:00 and ended at 6:25.  I woke up in the recovery area. At 7:15 I was rolled into a regular room and got to see Mitch. Mitch stayed with me until 8:30.  He helped feed me ice-chips and gave me all the updates from the doctors, which I didn't remember and had to ask him over and over about.  I'm sleepy  again now, so I will write more later.


  1. There's always a snag in the process, isn't there? So glad it's done and you are resting adn recovering. You sound amazingly 'together'. :) Thinking about you!

    1. Thanks for the update! You sound so coherent, impressive! I hope you are doing ok and the pain is tolerable. Must be a relief to have it over with and done! Yay!