Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 1

I'm in more pain today than I was in immediately yesterday after surgery.  It's probably because I wasn't really awake enough to feel the pain.  Some say it feels like you were hit by a bus, but I don't know if that's how I feel.  It's more like a constant cramp in my pec muscles.  It also radiates down my sides along my ribs.  I'm trying some good pain meds and it's gotten better throughout the day.

I was able to walk to the bathroom this morning, brush my teeth, and clean up a little bit.  I took several walks down the hallway with some help. I have to use incentive spirometer breathing toy to help make sure my lungs are clear and won't develop pneumonia.  Both surgeons were in this morning to check on me.  They took the binder and dressings off to examine me.  They both said every thing looks good.  I have some bruising and discoloration but they said that's normal.  I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any trouble.  I made it into real pants now, but still can't get a normal shirt on because of the IV and giant ice packs.

Dr. Colette explained that lumps that were found on my MRI at the end of December were something called fibroadenomes.  Which are small fiberous lumps that can move around the breast.  They were all benign.  We'll have the full pathology report by the end of the week.

The strangest thing is that my eye sight is really blurry.  It might be from the anesthesia or from the scop patch.  Even with my contacts in it's hard to see.  I had to turn the zoom up huge to be able to see as I'm typing this.  Hopefully this goes away soon.


  1. Hi Renee... It's the patch. I used it on a cruise this past summer and by the time I got back on land, one pupil was very large and I really couldn't see! Scared the hell out of me. Dr said that I was probably allergic it the atropine(sp?) in it. It goes away with in a week. I wont ever use them again :-/
    Other than that I hope that you continue to do well and thanks so much for giving detailed discriptions of the this "event". I go Thur to talk with the plastic surgeon. My surgery is Apr 2. :)

    1. I keep checking in as often as I can to see your updates. It sounds like you are doing as well as can be expected. I hope your pain from now on continues to go down instead of up. :o)