Monday, March 19, 2012

Physical Therapy

First day of physical therapy was tough.  She had me stretching and pushing it a lot further than I even would have done for myself.  That's the point though.  I already feel less tightness across my chest and shoulders.  Funny moment of the morning was when I realized that my bra had burst open again at some point during the exercises and I never noticed.  I have no feeling there and I was concentrating on the movements.  I didn't notice until I stood up to leave and my shirt wasn't lying right.  Oops!  If you ever see me having a wardrobe malfunction, please tell me because I probably don't notice. 

Tonight we have a dinner waiting for us made by Chef Kelly (PCMC's private chef and hospitality specialist).  It looks delicious.  I'm having a hard time waiting for dinner and not tearing into it (especially the cake) right now.

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