Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 11

Good appointments this week.  Everyone keeps telling me they look great and I'm doing really well.  Both Dr. Colette and Dr. J. called additional people into the room to show them the results because they were very proud.  Dr. Colette worded it well, "We usually get the disasters, so I want her to see something good."  

She also mentioned that she's going to present me at Tumor Board.  We went into surgery with that uncertainty of what would be in there based on my last MRI and almost drastically changes the plans.  Now that they know the exact pathology, they can use this to show others what fibroadenomas look like on MRI.  I'm happy that others will be able to learn from this.  Before doing surgery, I really wanted to participate in some clinical trials. I felt like I needed to do my part to help the research, but none of the ones I looked into ever worked out for me.  So now I still ended up doing my part for research without even trying.  

My dark coloring in drain #4 is not a concern.  It was likely a clot and most clots break up 7-10 days after surgery.  This started happening on day 9.  Everything makes perfect sense. The smell is not there, someone was imagining things.  But the amount of output still bothers me. I've created my new rules because I need to do something to get drain #4 output drastically lower by Monday.  I do not want it still in me past Monday.  I need to be draining less than 30cc in a 24 hour period.  I'm draining over 20cc morning and night.  My body has some work to do.  I'm on recovery day 11 and here are my rules (that I should have been applying all along, but haven't been.):

If it is higher than shoulder height, I don't need it.

If it's on the floor, squatting only to pick it up.  If that doesn't work, it can stay there until someone else picks it up. 

If it's more than one of any item (even if I think it's still below my weight restrictions), carry them only one at a time.  

I am limited to reading, puzzling, writing, and watching.  

We'll see how the day goes with these new rules!


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