Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm free!

I'm free!  I'm drain free!  I move my arms, no tugs or pulls.  I can put on and take off clothes now without feeling like I'm stuck on a leash.  It feels amazing! 

Now my output in drain #4 still wasn't good. It still was hovering right at 30cc or more each day, never lower despite my best attempts at being lazy.  But my scheme worked anyway. I showered this morning, drains dangling off a lanyard around my neck.  I did my hair and put on make up. I figured maybe he'll think: "She looks so good, back to normal, we're going to take these out anyway."  I'm not sure if that's it or if was because when the nurse asked if I was ok having more pictures taken today, responding with "only if you take the drains out."  Either way they are gone.  I can throw out the gross measuring containers and move on.

I'm moving on to
  •  be able to drive myself again
  • a weight restriction from 6.5 lbs (gallon of milk) to 10 lbs. (bag of flour or large potatoes)
  • physical therapy to increase my range of motion and slowly work my way back up to exercising regularly to avoid lymphedema (My risk is really low because I had 1 lymph node on each side removed, but staying active is the best way to prevent it). 
  • Doctor appointments every 2 weeks now instead of 1 week. 
  • Scar conditioning routines morning and night instead of drain stripping, measuring, and emptying.