Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful weather

This weather has been beautiful! I'm really enjoying going on walks and sitting outside watching the girls playing in the backyard.  However, I must admit that this warm spring isn't really compatible with my post mastectomy wardrobe plans.  I really would like a few more weeks to hang out in over sized sweatshirts.  I have movement back enough to get into regular shirts, so I am no longer limited to button up shirts, zip front hoodies, or step into tanks--getting them off is sometimes tricky though still.  It's just that my skin is having some sort of a reaction still to something used during surgery and is peeling like crazy.  I don't really want to show off my arms yet in this condition.  Now onto my other interesting underarms.  Apparently placing something under your pectoral muscles reshapes your underarms as well as your breasts.  I now have to figure out how to shave these newly shaped underarms which has not been very successful yet.  I'm hoping it just takes time.  If not, I'll be having laser hair removal soon.  I wonder if my Plastic Surgeon would give me a deal on it?  So if you happen to see me out, please ignore the flaking skin and possible hair.  Thanks!

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