Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feeling Great

As of today, I am still waiting anxiously on a phone call from my doctors with the exact scheduling of my surgery so that I can start counting down the days.  Even though I am not very good at waiting, I have noticed that I am feeling really good lately, actually I would even say fantastic. 

We were driving to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving and I looked over at Mitch and told him that I haven't felt this good in a long time.  After saying that though, I'm not sure how true it was.  I think that I really have felt good for awhile now, I just haven't stopped to recognize it. As we continued the drive and throughout the rest of the weekend, I tried to figure out what I could attribute this great feeling to.  Here's the list we created:
It's because...
  • I had a great 5 days off of work.
  • I had some great moments with the girls during this time off.
  • Adrienne is pretty much potty trained.
  • I was on a major sugar high from the amount of cookie dough and cut out cookies I ate this weekend.
  • We finally finished one of our home improvement projects after almost three years!
  • I did plenty of retail therapy lately.
  • I had some great visits with friends
  • I'm finally taking my vitamins and fish oil regularly.
  • I accomplished my goal for the number of petition signatures
  • All this working out is giving me an emotional boost.
  • It feels good to finally share all this information with others.
  • I feel so loved and supported by you all, but especially Mitch.
Unfortunately, a good friend of mine who went through her risk reducing surgery a few weeks ago isn't feeling as well.  She's had some set backs in her recovery lately.  Please consider saying a little prayer for her healing. 

I hope I have more to post soon!

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