Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Appointment went well!

My appointment went well this morning. I could tell Mitch understood why I chose them right away in the waiting room when Monica and Dr. Colette greeted us. He approves.

My exam looked clean. We talked through all of the essential details for surgery. I feel solid on all of the tough decisions I had to make about the exact type of surgery. I will be having a prophylactic bilateral simple mastectomy. I had to make choices between nipple sparing or non, reconstruction options which dictate the type of incision she will make, and decide whether to do sentinel node biopsy. I've spent the last two years reading up on all of the options, so finally vocalizing my choices to a medical professional today felt great.

I don't have an exact date yet because Dr. Colette, my breast surgeon, will be working together with my reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Janitch. They both need some time to coordinate their schedules along with booking the hospital before we'll know the specifics. We are aiming for sometime in February. Dr. Colette suggested we wait until after Valentine's Day so that we all don't have to spend that day in the hospital. :)

She asked me today before we were finished, "What made you decide that now is right the time?" I smiled, glanced at Mitch, and said "I want to do it before I turn 30." That was far too simple of an answer. The real answer takes a lot more explaining.

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