Friday, August 16, 2013

World record speed

Everything went great this morning.  I am becoming very good at this.  I knew exactly what to do... like take my contacts and Invisalign right at the last minute, put my glass case on the hospital bed with me so I could have some sight during the recovery room, etc.  The nurses were impressed with how prepare I was for everything.

We were back at hospital #1 for today's procedure.  Everything went so much smoother.  I would definitely try to be the first thing in the morning again.  Everyone we came in contact with was kind and prepared and helpful.  They are back on my good list.  After the snafu with nuclear medicine last year, Mitch received several free meal vouchers.  I tried to throw those things out on several occasions, but he insisted on keeping them. He was quite proud to use them today, while I cringed at his purchase (hospital cafeteria biscuits and gravy).    

I had another interesting recovering room neighbor.  The young man next to me decided that he wanted to find a wife, he was embarrassed that his mom was the only person in the waiting room for him.  He was 25, showed the nurse his tattoo and discussed the importance of it.  He happened to be from the same town as me--not that I mentioned it, I was just a silent observer whereas he was a constant talker.  My nurse pulled my curtain but it did nothing to shut him up.

I was quickly able to go back to outpatient area and home with Mitch.  I was home by 10:50 which I think might just be the new world record.  I had a little bout of nausea when I got home, but I was glad it happened here so that they didn't keep me extra long at the hospital.  I just ate like half a loaf of great harvest bread and drank some Sierra mist and felt better.  I would have been stuck with just saltines at the hospital.  Off to bed now for another nap.

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