Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recovery is going well! Stitches are out. I am thoroughly compressed and no longer need to wear it 24/7.  I have minimal bruising on my stomach which is not nearly as bad as I expected. The incisions are tiny.  I simply look like I had a whole bunch of bug bites across my breasts.  And in some ways the marks from the stitches are worse than the incision themselves.  I am going to attempt running tomorrow.  My original hope was to jump on the treadmill and simply run until it hurts.  However, I took the stairs at a little bit of a jog today could immediately feel pain.  Combined with the sharp pain of sneezing, I am a bit concerned that it will be slower to get back into that I hoped. Still overall, this has been the easiest surgery recovery I have dealt with so far.

Proof: One day after surgery, I was able to go to a friends wedding reception.  In preparation, I took an afternoon nap, a pain pill, and found a dress that would hide the dressings on my breast and abdominal binder. It turns out a maxi dress can hide a lot of stuff!

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