Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sleeping on my side

Still doing well. My favorite part is that I slept on my side last night already!!  I needed pillows for my arms because they put too much pressure on sore areas.  It feels so much better than being stuck on your back unable to move. My abs are quite tender, but I have them wrapped up tight in a binder.  It feels good to be wrapped up tight.  I tried taking it off and switching the spanx instead, but it didn't feel right.  I need the security of the binder for a bit longer.  All of the incisions on my breasts where the fat was grafted are closed with one little stitch.  I have 7 of these little stitches on each for 14 total.  They have to remain covered for another day, then I can shower and clean up better.  Mitch did a very good job washing my hair for me already this morning.  Now I just have to find more clothes that can hide the dressings and binder for awhile.  It would feel so nice to put on a big hooded sweatshirt, but the weather isn't cooperating with me and is back to 80 degrees again.

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