Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer of surgeries

After that last crabby post, here's a good one after a very good day. I am currently reading Gone Girl and like the style of one character, I am going to set the scene a little for you.

The day started off with the girls and I sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast.  Aila chats me between spoonfuls, "My tooth is really wiggly today...I can push tongue...this way...or that way..."  Then her eyes got really big, "MY TOOTH!  I PUSHED IT OUT!"  That look of amazement in her eyes was priceless.  Then she says, "I lost my first tooth and it's our recital day at Vacation Bible School...this is the best day ever!"  I think she was onto something.

We made our way to St. Norbert for our last day of Vacation Bible School.  I had been wanting to get involved in some way at our church and I figured that this was a pretty obvious volunteer choice for me as I kind of know what I am doing with kids.  To my surprise (I am being honest here), it was a very enjoyable week and my kids loved it.  While I had a little prep time between groups coming to our craft station, I was hanging out in the bright light of the atrium gathering space when I got a phone call.

Emily from Dr. J's office was calling to tell me that I was approved.  My insurance pre-approved the revision to my breast reconstruction that I have been waiting on.  At first I was waiting for Dr. J to get the newest machine, then I was waiting on the appointment to finalize the plans, and this insurance pre-approval was our final hurdle before scheduling the surgery.  Everything finally came together and right then and there we set a date.

I told her that I was willing to make just about anything work.  Other than the first day of school which I clearly couldn't miss, I would clear my schedule if they were going to be able to get me in yet this year.  My options were August 16th or September 20th.  "Oh that's funny," was my immediate response.  The one day that Mitch requested that I not book this was August 16th on the grounds that I "ruined" Father's Day with the recovery from my first surgery of the summer and he would like to not have to take care of me again on his birthday (which is really just a classic Mitch exaggeration and overstatement).  September 20th the other option is 2 days before I our team runs the Fox Cities Marathon as a relay and a day before my cousin's wedding for which I just sent the reply card in for.  Because this surgery is a two part process that needs to be done three months in between, going with the September date will be pushing it to get the second one in before January 1st and a new deductible (which I know I am going to meet anyway, but it would be nice to not meet it in the first month at least).  So after a quick call to Mitch to seek his opinion, we decided on August 16th.  

I don't know if I can state this enough.  I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS DONE!  This surgery is purely for vanity.  It may not even be noticeable to anyone one else afterward but to me I am hopeful that this will make a huge difference to me. The first thing I notice in pictures of myself if my neckline is at all showing is shadows of the hollowed points.  I've been working out or in the locker room getting ready for swimming and I catch myself in the middle of an action in the mirror and I see the squished deformed look my breasts get as they ripple and move.  Now this isn't all the time, as long as I remain covered, you would never know.  But I really would like to stand in front of the mirror and like what I see no matter how I move. This surgery could really make a difference in helping me not notice the difference.  It feels like a little bonus that I get to have after dealing with all this stuff.

So this summer is now becoming the summer of surgeries for us.  Thankfully though, as I explained to the girls, I am going to have some more owies in a few weeks on my chest and stomach but once this is done I shouldn't need to have any more owies for a long time.

On a side note, all of the issues that I had on my last post have been resolved through a couple of long phone calls.  I am all healed and ready for the next one.

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