Friday, June 14, 2013

Today is going to be a good day

Today is going to be a good day because...
  • Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that genes cannot be patented.  For a full article check this link.  This is going to make it so much easier for people to get genetic testing! 
  • It's Relay for Life day in Kewaunee and LOTS of family are getting together for it.
  • My cousin posted a beautiful picture of her mom on the anniversary of her death 22 years ago yesterday. The girls came by the computer while I was looking at it and it gave me a great opportunity to tell them about her. It helped me explain to why I am going to have more "owies" and helped Aila in particular feel less worried about me going to the hospital today. 
  • Bowel prep wasn't as awful as I expected.  It's still in the top three worst medical things I have ever had to do. I am really hungry though and learned that I will never tease my dad again about his post-colonoscopy meal choices.  I have quite a list of foods that I've been thinking about wanting first.  
  • Speaking of food, I grabbed a hospital food menu for Mitch while I was in the waiting room last week.  Door County Fish boil is on the menu today.  I find this hilarious because Mitch hated the fish boil that we had for an anniversary dinner at White Gull Inn a few years ago.  He's the only person I've ever heard of who disliked a meal at White Gull.  Fitting that it's on the menu for him today.
  • And finally I'm about to take my ovarian cancer risks down a notch. We're off to the hospital now!  I'm excited!

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