Sunday, June 16, 2013


Last night was a rough night.  I could not find a way to sleep comfortably.  Some ways I tried I felt like I couldn't breathe because of intense shoulder pain.  If it tried rolling on my side, I felt like my insides were falling all over the place.  My back is sore from only being able to sleep on it. I can't take a deep breathe, laugh, hiccup, or cough without intense pain.  I didn't want to take pain meds, but definitely needed to.  I should have just taken more when I woke up during the night rather than trying to switch to sleeping in the recliner.

Thankfully, I posted on the FORCE page asking for advice and got some great tips.  The pain that I am feeling is most likely gas related.  Some of the CO2 used to inflate me during surgery is still inside causing this pain. I tried to be more active today as walking is said to help this gas dissipate faster.  So to celebrate Father's Day, we went for lunch at Curly's Pub in Lambeau and walked around the atrium a bit.  Mitch enjoyed his gift.  He finally started reading this blog again, so I'll give him a little feature.  He does think that he missed his calling as a competitive eater.


Then this afternoon we went for a walk on the DePere River Walk.  The girls loved seeing the pelicans.  I have a new respect for the work of the people on the locks after getting a chance to see it up close during our class field trip there.  They were busy manually turning everything the entire time we were there.  We then spent some time with my family tonight. Hopefully being active today (and not napping at all) will help for a better night of sleep tonight.

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