Monday, January 2, 2012


We met today with my plastic surgeon for one last time before the surgery.  I made all of my wishes well known.  I have this fear that by having a male handling my reconstruction, I'll end up looking like Pamela Anderson.  I made it clear that I would not be happy if my end result looked like that.

I asked a ton of questions some of which he probably thought were stupid, but I asked anyway.  I did ask what he thought of the woman who exhaled during a workout and her body swallowed her implant, which he assured me would not happen to me no matter how hard I workout.  Also apparently no amount of push-ups after the initial recommended healing time is going to ruin them.  I was really looking forward to an excuse to never do them again, Chrystal. :)

I even took the dreaded half naked photos.  The doctor said at one point, "Oh...we can't forget the pictures, you're going to look real good and it's going to be fun to look back at these."  Really?  Fun?  These pictures were part of my motivation for working out so much lately and something I was dreading.  I had a few volunteers to come and have theirs taken too with me on New Years Eve, but I'm not sure if they would remember that now.  I won't mention names :) But I will let you know if down the road I do find it "fun" to look back at them.

Mitch gave his approval of my choice in doctor because he liked particularly when the doctor said, "This is a pretty crappy situation your in, but we'll make you look real good after it." Sounds great to me!

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