Sunday, January 1, 2012


No news yet.  No decision yet.  I'm still flip-flopping daily on what I want to do.  I'm considering taking votes.  Here's the pro/con list so far for the biopsy:
  • The procedure isn't nearly as bad as I thought.  Several women on the FORCE message board coached me through it.  They described it as undignified but not painful. 
  • During the biopsy they would insert a clip at the site that would serve as a marker for when the tissue is removed.  They can look over this tissue surrounding the clip much closer than the other tissue for the best results.
  • We would know exactly what we're dealing with and I could make my choices known before surgery.
  • If we find that it is atypical hyperplasia or DCIS, the surgery is no longer being done prophylactic (by my own choice) and would make things with insurance a lot easier. 
  • If it is something, giving it 1 month, 3 weeks, and 5 days to grow before surgery is a risk, so we'd know to move faster.
  • Breast MRI has a high rate of false positives.  One European study in 2008 stated 5 out of 6 were false positives.  This could just be a false positive.
  • Lots of bruising afteward and a small scar.
  • If we find that it is atypical hyperplasia or DCIS, the results of the biopsy (unless it is found to be cancerous, which my doctor was clear saying it does not look like cancer yet) would not change the plans for my mastectomy already scheduled. 
  • More time off from work, when I'm trying to save my sick days to use for the recovery
  • It would take few days recovering from the biopsy in which I cannot work out.  I already hear Mom's response to this one, "Would it kill you to take a few days off?"  No, but I just don't want to.  It keeps my mind off of things. 
I picked up my pro/con habit from watching Gilmore Girls.  Crazy coincidence...I checked out the book "Pretty is What Changes" by Jessica Queller about her journey dealing with hereditary cancer risks.  As I was reading, I found out that she was a writer for the show Gilmore Girls as she was going through testing.  She talked in the book about crying in her office one moment and then having to race off to a writer's meeting pitching a scene about Luke and Lorelei the next.  Just another reason to love that show.     

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