Thursday, January 5, 2012

My crazy to-do list

I've mentioned it a couple times now and several people have asked about it...What exactly is on your To-Do Before Mastectomy List?

It's a compilation of every thought that comes to my head that I feel like I need to get done before February 27th.  Some things are along the lines of nesting while pregnant, some things are practical needs, some thing are broad statements and goals.  There is no particular order.  It's just what comes to my head each day.  I've always been a list maker.  I always pick a fun font and check things off as I go.  Here's a peek:

1.                 Pray more

On going
2.              Schedule a meeting with Father Sal

3.              Run more
Broken again—I would not recommend purchasing a treadmill from Future Fitness Plus!
Weekday Mornings  & Sundays
4.                Lose weight
Not done yet, but on my way thanks to Chrystal and Energy Fitness
Monday 6:00, Tuesday 6:30, Wednesday 4:30
Saturday mornings
5.              Clean the house—deep clean cupboards, closets, basement
This is kind of my version of Dad’s cleaning the crawlspace out.  It’s just me avoiding doing the things that actually need to be done.
Basement done
Bedroom Closet done

6.               Figure out a schedule for the girls during surgery/hospital stay and two-three weeks afterward
I have to ask for help and that’s very hard for me

7.                 Take family photos
Thank you, Mary Baugnet!
8.                Write about my feelings honestly
Tougher at sometimes than others.  I like to hide things in humor.  I really don’t need to worry anymore about hiding my craziness
On going
9.                Order pictures, backup, and put in albums
Ordered, backed up

10.            Put together a schedule of bills to pay

11.            Sort through girls closets to put away clothes that are too small
Adrienne’s shirts done

12.         Inform Aila’s teachers at school & sign up new people to pick her up/drop her off

13.         Clean the fridge

14.           Clean the house
Going to happen a lot of times in between

15.         Talk about it with my children

16.          Figure out what to say to my students

17.            Finish report cards

18.           Prep for long term sub
Luckily I have lots of stuff from maternity leave still

19.           Send letter home to students’ parents

20.        Take Mitch out for a fancy dinner
I have my ideas!!

21.         Get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed
I don’t think that I’ll be wearing lipstick to my mastectomy like the movie, but I will make sure that I look good for the big day

22.      Get underarms waxed
I hear it’s going to be a challenge to shave there for a while, waxing might help with this

23.      Charge the electric tooth brush

24.        Get the pre-approval confirmation from insurance

25.      Get the short term disability info

26.       Do all my pre-op appointments and tests
MRI done, PS done

27.         Make sure I have plenty of hoodies/comfy pant/ lounge wear for recovery
I picked up the pre-requisite velour sweat suit on clearance at NY&Co.  I feel like whenever you see someone on TV having breast augmentation, they are always wearing one. 
28.        Buy post mastectomy bras
My PS recommended “front closure sports bras” until I am healed.  Do you know how hard it is to find front closure sports bras available in less than a DD!
29.        Teach the girls to safely ride piggy-back in case I have to carry them when I shouldn’t yet
Thanks for the idea, Chrystal!
In progress, every night they love this practice time!
30.        Buy men’s cheap white tanks
I have big time texture issues and if I feel the same way about these scars as I did my C-section ones, I’m going to need to have some soft fabric over them at all times.  Plus Dad always insisted we wear an undershirt.
31.         But a spill proof cup
Great one for Christmas! Thanks Beth and Rick!
32.      Cry when I feel like it

33.      Spend pre-surgery time with family doing something fun

34.        Stock the freezer with premade meals
Each meal we make in January and February is doubled and one package goes in the freezer
In progress
35.      Restock the pantry with necessities
It is a crisis if we run out of mayonnaise, ketchup, or peanut butter in this house!

36.       Write out a calendar of important activities and events that will take place during recovery
I hear that you can become very forgetful during recovery.  I’d hate to miss something important. 

37.         Target shop for other necessities
Recovery would not be the prime time to run out of laundry soap or Pull-ups

38.        Teach Mitch or find someone to update my blog with the vital info post-surgery while I’m out of it.
I won’t be able to nor interested, possibly, in writing just after surgery but will want everyone to know how things went

39.        Buy more dog food
There’s no way I will be carrying that bag for a while post-surgery

40.          Groom the dog
I’ve been putting this off because it’s too cold in our garage to have our bi-monthly “Stella Shearing Day.” Maybe I should just pay Golrusk to do this again for a while? 

41.           Procure more pillows

I like to “procure” things from Mom and Dad’s house.  I always intend upon returning things

42.        Borrow Mom and Dad’s extra recliner from basement & Rearrange living room to make room for it
Some say that’s the only comfortable place to sleep for awhile

43.        Freak out
Because of that MRI scare, I think I’ve gotten this covered.  Thanks Stephanie and Kendal for being the first to help me handle the crazy. 
Done (for now)
44.          Pack for the hospital: comfy clothes, slippers, socks, unds, toiletries (don’t forget electric tooth brush, glasses), blanket, pillow, lifesavers,
Cannot be done until the week before

45.        Buy an iPad
This is just wishful thinkingWe’ll probably be buying a new treadmill instead

46.         Find someone to loan me a back scratcher
Whose house do I remember seeing one at all the time?

47.           Acceptance & Calmness

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