Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another year, another MRI experience

It's now been over 2 full years!  Today I had my annual MRI screening.  This is to check to make sure there is no cancer growth in the little tissue that I have remaining and to make sure my implants are still in good condition with no leaks or tears.  Which by the way, if I ever mention any strange feeling or symptom, Mitch is quick to blame it on possible silicone poisoning even though silicone has been proven completely safe.

I had a chance to use Bellin's new MRI machine.  It's a whole 4 inches bigger, you get to roll in feet first, and is built to have an "ambient experience."  I could choose the color settings and image projected onto the wall.  Despite the fantastic wooded stream setting and calming greens and blues being projected around the room, as soon as I was pushed inside it felt just like all the previous ones.  Including the pukes.  The minute they inject the contrasting dye, I get a horrible taste in my mouth and cannot control my body from trying to get that taste out.  I dry heave for about 20 seconds.  However, this is while pushed into that little tunnel in superman position with my breasts in these little hole things knowing that if I move too much the images won't turn out.  If I press the alarm button asking for the nurses because I cannot take it anymore, we'll have to redo the entire thing another day (I wonder how the expense for that would be coded for insurance?)  So I just stick it out.  I try to push my chest bones against the tray while my stomach lurches.  And then it's passed and I'm left for the last seven minutes of the scan with my eyes watering, wanting to wipe the spit from my mouth without an opportunity to do so.  I've had the same MRI technicians two years in a row though and they're brainstorming with me what we can do to fix this by next year.  This year we tried no food 4 hours prior to MRI combined with major hydration plan with obvious no luck.  Our plan next time is to pre-medicate with some over the counter anti-nausea meds and see if that helps fight the feeling.

 I already got a message today from my doctor which I assume when I call back tomorrow will say the images all look good.  They couldn't say this on the message, but she repeated twice that this is a good new message, no worries, call tomorrow when you have a chance.  I love my doctor's office!  I'll be there next month for the full check up and will post more after that appointment.

The new setting
The device for me to snuggle into

An older lady assuming the position

Follow this link for an article about the new device:

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