Monday, March 4, 2013

1 year, all clear

I had my official 1 year check up today.  All is clear! My MRI looked great (and was just fine despite my mid-MRI stomach issues.)  The nurse showed me what my own images look like. It was interesting compared to what I found for my previous post through a google image search.   Dr. Colette confirmed that I still have a piece of alloderm that was used to form my pocket that is taking longer for my body to take over completely.  This side feels like a super thick underwire part of a bra just under my skin.  This exactly what Dr. J told me at 6 months, but Dr. Colette just explains things so much better.  

Now post-mastectomy, Dr. Colette's recommendations are to keep up with the preventative measures to stay healthy--vitamins, diet, exercise, watch alcohol consumption, the usual.  For surveillance now, I need just need to have annual clinical breast exams like everyone else at a yearly physical.  I will also continue to see Dr. Colette once a year following an MRI to make sure I remain cancer free.  

The best part of the appointment was getting to see this.  Check me out!  I'm September! Pick up a copy of the 2013 Calendar of Hope for a $5 donation.  

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