Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 weeks

Sorry for not posting lately.  I know that it's had several of you concerned.  :)  I've been making an attempt to not be online as much lately.  Someone important in my life complains that I'm constantly on my computer.  I've been making an attempt at improving this and now nightly while I used to be online and he'd be watching TV (usually some series that no one else would want to watch anyway) we've been watching movies together.  We've watched: The Blindside, Easy A, The Proposal, The Change-Up just in a one week span and that's not even considering my afternoon rest time romantic comedies that I watch by myself.  I recently discovered the DVD collection at our local library, and I've been flying through movies in addition to all the great ones friends have given to us or let us borrow. 

I am at 5 weeks post op now.  I'm doing very well!  I am doing physical therapy 2 times per week for an hour and then have a homework assignment that takes about 30 minutes twice a day on days when I don't have therapy.  My axillary web has really stretched out well and I don't anticipate problem with it for much longer.  At this point, I only feel a tugging when I lift my left arm out to the side and all the way up to the top (think like jumping jack or snow angel).  When I hit the point of about 120 degrees to 180 (which I can't quite reach yet anyway without my physical therapist pushing it there in a stretch), I feel a lot of pulling and tightness.  But it's getting better with each session.  I can now put my arms behind my head lying on the ground (think like start of a situp) and my elbows can touch the floor without a problem.  I can now cuddle close with the girls and do not feel any pain.  I even lifted Adrienne up a few time this week piggy back.  I am physically almost back to normal other than still getting tired really fast.  And when I do get tired, I am like completely wiped out tired (the kids noise won't even wake me up out of a nap). 

I am getting a little bored with being home.  This week I decided to start sewing again.  I made Adrienne a pillow case and fixed something that's needed repairs for over a year.  I organized a whole bunch of closets (don't worry, I was following my restrictions and just left boxes or piles for Mitch to move later). I'm crazy for saying this, but I'm almost ready to go back.  I really do miss my students and the friends at school.  I go back to work in two weeks.  I planned on taking 1/2 days for the first week back, but this week I'm going to see if I can stay a bit more active.  If I'm ok, then I'll go back full time right away. may not see another post from me for awhile because I'm going to try to relax on my last week off (this week is technically my last, then next week happens to be our spring break.)

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  1. I can relate to the over usage of the computer. Between blogging (I have a family blog also) reading others blogs, researching stuff, reading message boards, etc. It can consume quite a bit of time!! Sounds like you are on the road to recovery and now have seen so many great movies as a bonus! Enjoy these last few weeks. Just think after spring break it is review, review, review, then end of year tests and then SUMMER! YIPEE! You can do it :o)