Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why did I choose to share?

Why would you choose to share this information with everyone? Do you really want everyone knowing this stuff about you?

I chose to share this information with everyone for a number of reasons:

Because I was tired of trying to figure out who I told and who I hadn't.  I like not having to start conversations with "Did I tell you about . . .?"

Because a friend mentioned that she wishes Caring Bridge was more interactive so that people could comment on the journal entries rather than doing so through guest book or personal emails.  This blog will provide that opportunity; feel free to comment away!

Because maybe seeing how hard I am trying to prevent cancer will make one person think twice about their own decisions.  If I can help one person put down their cigarette or finally make the call to schedule their annual exam they've been putting off, I will have been successful. 

Because I was so naive about the genentic testing when I first had it done.  I had no idea what to expect or what it would be like.  Maybe I can help someone else with this down the road.

Because I volunteer for the organization Bright Pink as a "Pink Pal" talking to other women around the country at varying points in their own journey, answering their questions about BRCA testing and sharing my story.  If I can talk to complete strangers about this, why can't I talk to the people I know and care about?

Because having a few more people praying for you can never hurt. 

Because at one point I looked at being BRCA positive as though I were were a ticking time bomb.  I once went on a hormonal pregnant women rant on a doctor for actually calling me that.  It's ok for me to feel it, but it is not OK for you to assume that I feel that way.  But now I realize it's been a blessing. I’ve been empowered as an advocate for my own health. I get the opportunity to work with experts. Knowledge is power. I have the power to change things in my life so that even if cancer grows in me, it will never be as devastating as it was for so many other people in my family.  

Because I can no longer back out now that everyone knows. :)

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