Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Eat more sausage"

Never have I expected to hear those words come from a doctor, but they honestly came out of Dr. J's mouth at my latest appointment.  I knew I picked the right plastic surgeon!  

I had a quick check on my reconstruction looking particularly at the fat grafting that was done this summer.  It appears that I still need a bit more.  The problem is that all of my fat in this area was removed during my mastectomy (because that is a main component of breast tissue).  This leaves just thin skin and implant in some areas, with more muscle in others.  The skin falls into the open space.  I am not particularly fat in this area anyway; hence, Dr. J telling me to eat more sausage. Luckily I have plenty to spare in my post baby belly (am I still allowed to call it that 3 years later?) and don't need to change my diet at all. He said that it's like painting. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat.  The day after Thanksgiving I will be going for my second layer of fat grafting.  It will be the same procedure as last time.  

This is something that I know and feel totally comfortable with. I have even started thinking about if I can beat my time.  Last time it was 4 hours 50 minutes.  This time with it being the day after Thanksgiving, I am hoping not to burden someone with watching my children for too long forcing them to miss the good sales (or taking away their adult nap time from late night/early morning shopping the day before).  Let's see how fast I can get through that recovery room this time!  

The only thing I am not excited about is more incisions.  I counted up what I have.  From shoulder to pelvis, I have had 23 incisions over the past almost six years.  And 3 of those incision sites have been re-used for repeated procedures.  They are just starting to look better, hopefully a few of them will be re-used again this time.  

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