Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Remember that blood test I was complaining about back in July saying I was so frustrated with hospitals?  I finally was able to get it done this week.  That's over 2 months.  Now it's not like I was on the phone fighting this one out constantly.  I would remember to call on a weekend, but you can't just call and leave a message because on weekends you either need to page the doctor for an emergency or wait until Monday.  Well the chances of me remembering to call on Monday were very slim. Then when I did remember, I didn't remember to call until after 4:00.  I would leave a message and the nurse wouldn't have a chance to call me back until the next day.  So then I'd get the message the next day and think that I could call back on a break or lunch at work, but that doesn't happen because I have 6,000 other things to do during that short time.   So I would forget to call back or call again too late or on a weekend.  It's just a crazy cycle.

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