Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pull ups

Yes, this post is about pull ups and I'm not talking about Adrienne's night time pink princess pull ups.  For the last three weeks, I've been going to Zumba on Tuesday nights.  Tuesday used to be my toughest work out night--the day I had "group personal training" with a really small group :)  Pull ups were my enemy.  I think I have a mental block against them stemming from childhood.  Too many gym classes with failed attempts at the flexed arm hang, too much embarrassment over not being able to the monkey bars on the playground.  I hated every second of training with them and knew I'd be in for a tough night whenever I saw that stupid rack pulled out. With Chrystal's help I was able to learn to do them.  I still didn't enjoy them, but I could tolerate them and feel a small sense of accomplishment after.

So back at Energy the last few weeks, I see the gadgets and goodies Chrystal has out for other training sessions.  Of course, she has the pull up rack out.  It's like it's sitting there taunting me.  For three weeks, I'd walked right by it trying to ignore it.  This week I could no longer.  Something in me was curious to see if I could still do one.  As Chrystal was dancing next to me last night (try to talk to me and break my intense concentration needed to not trip over my own feet), I quickly asked, "Would you help me do one pull up after class?"  She loved that idea and the minute we got over there she changed it to "Ok, give me 5 of them."

No, no, no.  I wanted 1.

Well, I was able to do one, but quickly discovered that I shouldn't have even done that.  It wasn't so much the pulling up that hurt.  Instead it was the hanging down in between.  It was a much bigger stretch than I had yet to feel. 

However, it was good timing as I had a doctor appointment today.  I asked Dr. J's opinion.  He assured me that there was no sign of damage.  Interesting though, he said he didn't really know when I'd be able to do pull ups again.  He hasn't had a lot of people asking to do them before.  I'm taking that as my excuse to never do them again...or at least for the next 6 months until my curiosity gets me again. 

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